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Highways strike again!


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A couple of months ago on Green Lane a sign was put up warning road users Green Lane and Blackbrook Avenue would be closed between 9:30am and 3:30pm whist works on resurfacing the road took place.


It was about time this happened as us Woolston and Padgate residents have suffered from the pot holes in these roads for many years.


However when the first day of the road was to be closed came, I travelled happily down Green Lane at 9am to find it had been closed at the roundabout near Padgate Station.


I made a complaint to the Council about this, and found the signs should have read 9:15am to 3:15pm. However despite this error being made to the sign with wrong times, the road would have been closed 15 minutes early even if the signs would have been correctly made in the first place.


Since then up until today, Friday, 9 September at 3:50pm when I was driving home from work to find Green Lane was still closed, 35 minutes after it should have been reopened for public use.


Having used Elizabeth Drive to turn my car around in, I gave the man-in-the-suit and vi-vis jacket looking important a piece of my mind saying it wasn't fair to use <removed> off residents the Council go against their advertisement yet again.


His reply was, "at the end of the day, by law we can close the road 24/7."


These guys have already been told by their boss the times they are to close the road for work, yet they still think they can do what they want and inconvenience us Council Tax payers.


I warned him I'll be going to the press as well as putting my complaint in about this. He said nothing about that and was more concerned at the fact I told him all this "going against what the Council advertised" is doing is " <removed> us residents off".


Obviously the Council like bad press coverage otherwise they wouldn't behave like this and expect to get away with it!

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