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As some of you have noticed i am lucky enough to be chosen as an Administrator!!

I hope that by doing this that posters will see that Gary doesnt sit on here 24 hours a day,he cant,he has other things to do!


I would like to say here and for all to see!! Should you have any problems with any of the post?s here then please tell me!! use the "blow the whistle"icon at the bottom of each post!!


I take this Post/Position seriously and will do my best,however i need your help to do this without your support it wont work and we could lose the Forum which i am sure no one really wants.


Should you have a grievence with me then please email me and say so and tell me why, I am big enough to admit if i am wrong i am not perfect!!.


I hope that i will be able to keep this forum nice and clean for ALL of us who post here!!


Thank you all in advance.



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