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Hypocritic Oath!


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oh OK then....... maybe we should just keep borrowing and borrowing and see where that gets us eh?


or maybe to save money we should stop sending money to foreign countrys


Stop sending money to Europe


that would save maybe 2000 jobs in Manchester.... what is your solution Kije? As the labour bloke said "There is no money left"

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Take it back off the Banks :!:


So the banks go bust....which in turn means that you, I and everyone else loses what savings we have and possibly homes and anything else which may belong to a busted bank.


Great idea...... I wonder why the this government and the last government (who if you remember gave them all of the money) aren't rushing out to try that one then?

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A slight digression back to the Bankers and away from Consultants; but alas it's about the same current social contamination - GREED. These are very well paid professions, already a world away from the majority of wage slaves, but apparently never satisfied with their relatively obscene affluence. The usual retort from supporters of such obscenity, usually use the phrase "if you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys". But judging by the perceived performance of most of these "high earners"; we're paying top whack and still getting monkeys; and as Wavy Davy says, it's more important to love your job than to be demanding high rewards, indeed, for the Plebs now receiving redundancy notices, they should be prepared, in the philosophy of the big society, to do it for nowt. Clearly time for a Government of this Country that actually has the power, the will, and the conviction to run and control it. Unfortunately fairness won't be produced by self regulation or control, but can only be imposed by strong Government. :roll:

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We need the financial sector, the issue is about "controlling" it - we (the people) baled them out and in effect nationalised two of them, ironically a "clause 4" moment! But no one is getting a grip and sorting Canary Wharf out. As for, manufacturing, yes - we need to resurect a manufacturing sector, a sector virtually taken over by Germany within the EU, partly cos they tend to loyally buy their own products - something we didn't do back in the 60s when we were buying cheap goods from Japan. :roll:

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