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A Warringtonion blogs her memories!


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I was born and raised in Warrington, living in Penketh, Latchford and Appleton. My blog has some memories from my Warrington days, if anyone is interested!!




It includes my time at The Postern Gate Pub, Mr Smiths 91-92 and the Carlton club so far... but I intend to write much more from my childhood into adulthood from 1970 untill 1992 when I left to manage a pub in Northampton. So I hope to have quite a lot of Warrington info in there as I progress!


because I went to Richard Fairclough School (79-84) my spelling an grammer are awfull!!! LOL!!

Also pictures are rated 15 years and may not be safe for work!

Any feedback would be lovely, thanks!! :)

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I wouldn't say you were boreing. Far from it.


Interesting and frightening maybe.


Frightening, because reading the first part of your blog, had me thinking, here's a wench who needs to get her drinking under control, and change her life style. I've got a drink problem meself............................. I can't get enough of it. :D:wink:


I was begining to wonder what would become of you. Reading further into your blog, I think I then realised why you drank the way you came across as doing. Appologies if I have got that wrong.


Then a little further on into your blog, you seem to have matters more under control, and are doing things with your life what many people can't do.


All in all, I found it a very enjoyable read. Sad but funny in parts. But it all sounds as though it is finally comeing right for you, I certainly hope that it is. I am looking forward to reading your next chapter. Good luck for the future, I think you've earned it. :wink:


Still not sure if I should have replied or not, but what the eck......too late now.

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Thanks so much for your superb input! :D


Your right!! I was drinking far too much back then but it was Martin tha made me realise just how ill it can make you!! I slowed it right back and went on to work as a pub manager for Scottish and Newcastel in Northampton and following this I went travelling all over asia...but thats another story!



I have some wonderful memories of Warrington, and some sad ones too but I am so glad you enjoyed what I have put down so far. There is much more to come!


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