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Child Philosophy.


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Not a joke as such, but I just don't think you can beat a young childs philosophy on life. And it's well worth preserving and sharing.


Some years ago during the late 80's, when my two lads were aged around 8 and 7 years of age, the bride took them both upstairs for their Saturday night bath. She gave them both a scrub down and then said, I'm going down stairs again, you can have ten minuits playtime in the bath and then I'll come back up and get you both dry.


After a short while the bride went back upstairs to get them both showered down and ready for bed.


She said to the eldest son , come on, stand up so I can shower you down. He stood up and the bride showered him off down his head and back. He turned around to face her and said, will you rinse the soap off my penis as well please? It was all the bride could do to keep a straight face and not laugh.


She then started to shower his younger brother down in the same way, head first and followed by his back.


As the younger brother turned around, he said, will you do my winky as well mum?


The bride said, why don't you call it what your brother calls his? beacause that is what the big boys call them.


Completely out of the blue, the younger brother replied: look Mum, it's my life, it's my body, and it's my winky. And I don't care what Margerett Thatchers says, I'll call it what I like.


I've no idea what he was thinking of bringing Margerett Thatcher into it, but don't you just luv it? No doubting of who's son he is , is there? :D:D:D

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