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Taxing problem?


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Interesting Panorama prog the other night; seems HMRC have got millions of tax codes wrong, with some folk getting rebates and others owing ?thousands. But what was most enlightening was a comment from an insider, many of whom now face redundancy, was that the Revenue have completely lost the ability to tax the really rich or the capacity to take on big corporations - who now are on "pay as you like" - leaving the minnows to shoulder the burden. :shock:

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Well I'm still waiting in hope for a envelope through my door... elderly mother-in-law got ?800 back from them earlier this week :D:wink:


I told her ages ago that she was paying too much but she said 'they' said she wasn't so just left it :?


So I was right and 'they' were wrong... 1 - 0 to me then :D

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