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Just wondering!

Sue Durnim

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Just wondering?


According to Professor Stephen W. Hawking of theoretical physics the big bang created the universe and all life was created from nothing which then produced something. If that?s the case and all life is destined to go back to nothing, universes will eventually collapse and stars will die and the sun will no longer shine, does that mean that the big bang will be created all over again and thus start the evolution of life all over again?


Does nature have a memory? and what ever creature or microbe is lost or destroyed will it eventually be recreated in the millennia of time with the help of mother nature?


Excuse the pun, but I am not having a dig at archeologists, but, there must become a time after all the excavating and shoowing of all those interesting and educational artifacts in vast museums, display cases and galleries, that they will become a time that the space they are occupying is more that the present space available?



?just wondering!

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Does nature have a memory




No I do not think nature has a memory, Their might be identical life on other planets, but if their is I would put it down to chance and evolution, I thought Mr Hawking thought our big bang came out of another universe collapsing, so there was something as opposesed to nothing. Do you not need something to make the bang :wink:

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