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My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue,

An everlasting vision of the ever changing view.


A wonderous woven magic with bits of blue and gold,

A tapestry to feel and see impossible to hold.


Thes words are the beginning of Carrol Kings song Tapestry - I first heard when I was about 13 and they have stuck with me all my life.


Any one else have a "theme song" ?

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Yeah. From age 17 to age 21 it was "I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan" sung by Jack Buchanan and Fred Astaire.


From 1978 - 1993 it was "You're No Good, You're No Good, Baby, You're no Good" by Linda Ronstadt.


From 1993-1997 it was Leonard Cohen's "Take This Waltz".


And from 1998-2010 it is Leonard Cohen's "The Future".

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Forgot to mention: I saw Carole King and James Taylor in 1978 at a George McGovern benefit concert in Los Angeles, along with Barbra Sreisand. I like all their work, just didn't adopt a tune to introduce me should I guest on some TV show.


I think that theme song idea is losing favor. Jack Benny was "Love in Bloom" - he was born on Feb. 14. Bob Hope was "Thanks for Memory". I think Bob Cummings was "That's the Kind of guy, I." I used to know others.

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