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Local actors and good cause WANTED.


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two things,


We intend putting on a new FANTASTIC, Locally written play called MANCHESPOOL (dark gritty warrington based black comedy) next feb/march.


Looking for keen local actors to join our group, willing to audition next month and then give up a lot of their time mixing with a real nice bunch of established warrington actors rehersing 1/2/3 times a week.



Mature 30+ actors prefered. (as thats what most roles available are)

if you are or know anyone (especialy famous warringtonians...are there any?)




Would like to push the proceeds towards a worthy local charity (not large) or good cause if you have any suggestions. I would like to see an impact the work makes rather than it swallowed up in big charities admin.




(just supprised me as much as you that there was a third request in this two request article)


Sponsors. Helpers, set designers & companies who may wish to help promote & support this local effort for local causes who will get named in the programm and promotional material.


??programs anyone here got acess to cheap printing...hint hint (warrington worldwide :wink:)


please pm me any interest

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