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April 12, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Dazed and Confused ? Led Zeppelin

Free Bird ? Lynrd Skynrd

A Penny for your Thoughts ? not sure

Photograph ? Nickelback

No One Told Me about Her ? Zombies

Let It Roll ? BTO

Ride like the Wind ? Saxon

Going Through Changes ? OZZY

Fly By Night ? Rush

I?ll Still Follow You Home ? Nickel back

Ballroom Blitz ? Krokus

Don?t Believe a Word ? Thin Lizzy

The Beginning of the End ?

I?ve Done Everything for You ? Rick Springfield?

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I?m A Rocker ? AC/DC

Jukebox Hero ? Foreigner

Black Knight ? Deep Purple

Feel It Coming - Genesis

Cold as Ice ? Foreigner

Waiting for an Alibi ? Thin Lizzy

Playing a Different Role ? White Stripes

Love Machine ? Uriah Heep

Sunshine of Your Love ? Cream

Gimme All You?re Lovin ? ZZ Top

Lights Out in London - UFO

From Where I stand ? ????

Jailbreak ? Thin Lizzy

Don?t Stop Believing ? Journey

Gravy train ? Ian Brown?? Status Quo??????

I Want to Know Where Love Is ? Foreigner


If you do this again Gary ? I won?t do the list!!! You need to talk tooo!

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