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Mary Wollenscraft


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Sorry, I was trying to access bio on Mary Wollenscraft and all I could find was a Rudyard Kipling poem on 'a Mary' certainly not the Mary I was looking for. Here's the introduction, no need to tell the whole sad story:


"Mary, Pretty Women!"

by Rudyard Kipling


You call yourself a man,

For all you used to swear,

An' leave me, as you can,

My certain shame to bear?

I 'ear! You do not care ?

You done the worst you know.

I 'ate you, grinnin' there. . . .

Ah, Gawd, I love you so!


Nice while it lasted, an' now it is over ?

Tear out your 'eart an' good-bye to your lover!

What's the use o' grievin', when the mother that bore you

(Mary, pity women!) knew it all before you?


It aren't no false alarm,

The finish to your fun;

You ? you 'ave brung the 'arm,

An' I'm the ruined one;

An' now you'll off an' run

With some new fool in tow.

Your 'eart? You 'aven't none. . . .

Ah, Gawd, I love you so!

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No wonder I couldn't find that Mary W. on the 'net. It was Wollstonecraft -- still not sure of the spelling. Reason I was researching it was -- that Mary W. mother of Mary W. Shelley, was a women's rights advocate in the 1700s. We recently had a U.S. Senator, Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, whose family is committed to assisting women victims of violence. Wanted to check a genealogy for a Guiness Book of Records in longest passion for a cause.

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