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Phishing warning


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This is from Fausty's Libertarian Blog:


Should you receive an email like the one below, be aware that it is a phishing expedition. When you click on the link in the email, the destination site can download and activate malicious code - particularly if your computer is not adequately protected by up-to-date anti-virus software, supported by daily (at least) virus definition downloads.


Adobe says:


"It has come to Adobe's attention that e-mail messages purporting to offer a download of the Adobe Reader have been sent by entities claiming to be Adobe," the company said in a statement warning about it. "Many of these e-mails are signed as 'Adobe PDF' (or similar), and in some instances require recipients to register and/or provide personal information. Please be aware that these e-mails are phishing scams and have not been sent by Adobe or on Adobe's behalf."


The bona fide Adobe Reader download page is on the Adobe Web site at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.


The email I received was as follows:


Sender: Adobe PDF Reader [support@adobe-pdf-solutions.org]

Subject: Download New Adobe PDF Reader 2010 Version For Windows


Dear valued customers,


We are pleased to announce new release of Adobe PDF Reader 2010 which will give you more options to view, create, edit, print and share PDF documents. You will not have to look around for help anymore !


+ 50% of your daily office works requires document handling.

+ 70% of your documents requires extra processing.

+ 15-20% of your documents requires exchanging with your peers, customers or partners.

+ 30% of such documents are in PDF format, and you need to view, edit, print and share them.


To learn more about new features and install Adobe PDF Reader 2010, please:


+ Go to: http://www.adobe-reader-2010.com/ [fake link, added by me]

+ Choose your options, download and start to improve your works.


A full version of Office suite is also available for your download.


DOWNLOAD TODAY: http://www.adobe-reader-2010.com/ [fake link, added by me]


Best regards,


Adobe PDF Reader 2010


Copy rights PDF Pro 2010 ? All rights reserved

124 Denver St., Bluepoint, CA 91732, USA

Website: http://www.adobe-reader-2010.com/

If you no longer wish to receive similar emails, please send a REPLY with UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line.

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