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A dishonest Election?


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The Institute of Fiscal Studies has disclosed the need for MASSIVE public service cuts in order to erase the deficit and stabilise our economy in the post-election period. Now, the Tories made a good start at "being honest" with the electorate, when they announced a post-election period of austerity; BUT, that quickly evaporated when they saw their poll ratings begin to slide. So now all three main Parties are terrified of telling the kids that they can't have anymore sweeties, and the kids probably want to believe their lies, as denial massages their comfort zones. As we can see from Greece, the fiscal hangover derived from over a decade of a credit binge, isn't something the public particularly relish, and woe betide any politician who dares to be honest with us. Only AFTER the election, will we be told just how bad things are, the opposition Parties will say they didn't know cos they never had access to the figures, Labour will probably find some excuse about the situation being in flux - then it will start (apparently Whitehall Civil Servants have already prepared the cuts plans for which Party wins); huge cuts in public servces, benefits etc and no doubt taxation of everything possible. As in Greece, the Unions will no doubt kick off, and we'll have marches, strikes and demos; which in turn will no doubt scare the markets and increase even further the cost of any further borrowing - and amidst all this. we'll have a hung parliament pointing fingers at each other and passing the buck. All rather bleak, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong. :cry:

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