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Whatever happened


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.... to the finale of the WWW Stockton Heath Primary School archaeological dig film.


Maybe Indy or Gary can advise as all the other WWW coverage fims were fantastic and I seem to recal Indy saying that he had been invited back by Earthworks Archaeology at a later date to report on the actual final findings after the evaluation.


Seems such a shame that despite all the great reporting on here along with the very informative interim Earthworks Archaeological update releases and of course the heavily attented archaeological school open day........ nothing has ever followed from any source.


Well I for one would love to know the final findings as I watched the dig every day and spoke to the archaeologists many times as it was fascinating. I even saw them digging out the first 'suspected' cremation urn :oops:


I guess that made me a stalker :lol::oops:

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