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So at a cost of ?21million to the tax payer, and two trials later, we have three convictions of "British" (home grown) terrorists, who were planning to blow up 7 airliners in the air. :? Their pathetic death vidios, indicated their educationally retarded, and brain-washed condition - but I noted one phrase they used: " get out of OUR lands". :? Errm, these are British Muslims, living in OUR land, telling us, to "get out of THEIR" lands. :? Well, hang on a minute: seems to me they wan't to decide once and for all, just where their loyalties lie, to Britain or to Pakistan etc: and if not to Britain, what the hell are they doing here? :shock: Perhaps their is a case for a "loyalty oath" to this Country, failiure to fulfill it, equals deportation to the lands they love? :? As for their pathetic belief system, which commits them to suicide on the basis they will go to paradise to be tended by 21 virgins, clearly a case for a domestic de-programming operation - this is yet another example of a liberal "diversity" policy, which allows folk to wallow in the ignorance of medievel belif systems in the name of cultural diversity - which is, in effect cultural apartied, resulting in parallel social development - resulting in this so-called terror threat. :twisted:

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