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Harlec Castle - Bargain for King Edward I


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8) Join Archaeologist & Historian James Balme as he pays a visit to Harlech Castle, Snowdonia, North West Wales and enjoy the breathtaking views from the castle across the Welsh landscape. The castle was constructed for King Edward I between 1283 and 1290. Edward's tried and tested 'Walls within Walls' model was put together in super - fast time by an army of nearly a thousand skilled craftsmen and labourers.



Edward liked to use only the best masons from Savoy and Ireland and England's finest carpenters and blacksmiths. At the time of construction this was one of the cheapest of Edward's castles. A snip at a mere ?1890.

The structure, overseen by Master of the King's works, James of St George, boasts two rings of walls and towers, with an immensely strong east gatehouse. It was impregnable from almost every angle. Its secret weapon was a 200 foot long stairway which still leads from the castle to the cliff base.


Why not pay a visit of your own to see this magnificent castle in its full splendour and glory and soak up the historic atmosphere of Snowdonia and West Wales. :)

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