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McGuinness slams racist attacks on Romanians


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Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness rapped "racist criminals" Wednesday who forced over 100 Romanians to seek refuge in a church hall after a series of attacks.


Must be more acceptable to have been involved with terrorists and the killing of innocent men, women and children in his eyes.

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According to one side of the argument they are there to work and find a better life for their families. The other side says there are a bunch of beggers and thieves which if true is not OK.


I was in Belfast earlier in the year and there certainly are a lot of East Europeans selling newspapers and especially the Big Issue (Which I always thought was a way that long term unemployed and homeless people got back into some form of normal existance. They sell papers and keep part of the sales money as wages). Only saw one foreign woman begging though and she had 3 kids with her!


I guess any life is better than Romania by the looks of it.... however I'm not sure I would take my family to live in such conditions; especially as one is a new born baby

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So the "better life" arguement means that all those Countries with a relatively better standard of living, will be swamped by immigrants from poorer countries? :shock: Can't blame these folk for trying though; just those liberal dreamers in Westminister and Brussels , sleep-walking us into this nonesense. :twisted:

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