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I know you're there


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Here is one of my poems




I know you're there, I know you're there in the heavens above, looking down at me

Your still with me, so clear as the brightest day

Within my Every beat heart

In everything I feel,

With the dawn to dusk of everyday

when I am weary and and all hope seems to many heart beats away

there you are my guiding light


with such faith I truly believe

You live forever more

speaking within my dreams

the thoughts in me ,every memory

there you are

from a distant horizon of eternity

Travelling the stars the forever journey

In me and up above for all time



Every moment there you are I will never be alone

as you guide me

And You are the forever more

the star that shines so bright so way up high

The eternal breeze carries you now

in a new dawn of life

But here you are here too

Everywhere eternally

I know you're there

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Hi there, Dismayed :) hope you're well, Yeah my poems are 100% my work, I usually have success with my poems of Facebook with peoples comments and all, so I thought I would share them with all of you :)


Thank you Im glad you enjoyed it and that it envoked such emotion in you, It made me do the same when I wrote it. I thought it would a poem. I wrote it on a star filled sky night.


My aim for my writing is always for it to speak to people indivdually, so that you take something away from it

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Well it certainly worked for me and I took something nice from your words :wink::D:cry::wink:


I'm fine, and thanks for asking asking by the way, and I hope you are too :wink:


I often used to write poetry myself when I was younger and I often based it on my feelings or emotions at the time or other things things that were going on around me that I felt were important in some way.....


Sadly as I've got older I seem to have lost my way with words :cry: (actually that's probably a good thing as I think I am starting to turn into a bit of a grump :lol: )

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Thank you for your great words and emotion. :) :)



Glad you are well :) yeah im pretty alright, just trying to do as many projects as I can to make a difference. :wink:


Yeah I write mine the same way, its a great path to follow when writing isnt it. You can encapture so much more, and bring it to life.


You should write again, no one is to young or too old to write a poem.


lol Im a grump sometimes, isnt everyone, enjoy life isnt it and appreciate every moment. And aim to push our boundaries

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