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The morning after the night before.


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Hypia is also rumoured to beign going (bolton?) so a replacement will be needed. Apparently Dstin turned a last minute approach down if you believe some press reports.


I'd like Owen back if he proves his fitness and if the ?9m cap is to be believed. Sell Bellamy to Villa (?8m rumoured).


Get Mascherano signed up permanently (18mth loan at present) before his value goes through the roof.


A decent wide left sided player and cover at the back. David Villa?


Howevrr bigegr squad generally to cope with 4 competitions rather than hope for 4 and then concentrate on whats left.

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Think Garcia may stay. Forgotten we had half of them still on our books.


The rest I agree with. I's like to keep carson - has looked very good in apoor team this year.


Oh and can we but british more instead of continental

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Zenden, Gonzales, Dudek, Fowler are definatly leaving, the last two are not having their contract renewed.


I would like to see a lot of the fringe players and those constanly farmed out on loan leave unless they are showing potential.


I think we need a left back, a centre back as cover, Left Mid and a forward.


I would like to see


Baines from Wigan or Shorey from Reading,

Not sure, Woodgate would have been Ideal.

Pederson from Blackburn and a forward with a goalscoring rep. e.g. Villa, Eto, Owen

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