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The Manx cat speaking Manc


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Our Los Angeles Times has a comic strip featuring a dog and a cat that insult each other - well mostly the cat does all the insulting, the dog is a bit thick. For the past two years there's been an occasional visitor feline whose insults are barely decipherable as English. Today, it finally dawned on me that Manc just might refer to Manchester, innit? Today's puzzle: EE AR, ME NUT FLAPS ARE BURNIN'. MAKE US A KIPPER BUTTY 'AR KID, I'M WELL KNACKERED. From the context I think the Manx is seeking sustenance from the sea upon two slices of bread, eh?

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A Manx cat speaking with a Manc accent? More likely to be a Scouse accent, so I'd say your cat is a Manc rather than a Manx. Mind you in my experience most cats talk much the same (meouw) and also look grey in the dark. Of course Garfield is a New Yorker (isn't he?) :?:?

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