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What have they done wrong?


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I see a firm is to be prosecuted for maintaining a database of troublemakers and selling the information to employers in the construction industry.

So what?

If I was an employer in any industry I would want to know if someone I was about to hire was a troublemaker. I would also want to know if he (or she) was a good worker, lazy, prone to illness, a clock watcher and also something about their skill level.

Seeing as the applicant is not likely to tell me this information, I think I am entitled to find out from someone else.

If this company is doing something wrong then so is someone who puts a bit of spin on a CV or forges references. And some of the CVs I have seen in recent years bear little relation to the person they are about.

Are the firms and individuals (including careers advisers) who provide CVs for people going to be prosecuted for preparing misleading CVs?

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