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Pardon me.


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Seems the US Constitution provides powers for the President to grant pardons to criminals - EG; Tricky Dicky Nixon was pardoned by his successor :shock: But speculation has now arisen, that Bush will issue PRE-EMPTIVE pardons for all those at risk of inditement for the allegedley illegal pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. :shock: Suppose the Queen will have to pre-emptively pardon Bliar?! :roll::wink:

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Problem is Mary; by even considering this option; the Administration is admitting their possible guilt; including that of torture at Guantanamo. :shock: Obama has a hell of a repair job to do, in terms of the restoration of international respect for the US; and the recent Bombay incident shows the results of the Bush./Bliar years and just how they've put US/UK citizens at greater risk. :shock::wink:

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