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the 66 HALLOWEEN PARTY @ The Lounge! x


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It's nearly 1 year since we played our debut gig in the basement and sold the place out. Now the dark lord of death has called upon us to return to the scene of his birth. On this day of days we must sacrifice a virgin on the alter to consumate our bond of evil and power...




The Stocks - http://www.myspace.com/thestocksmusic


The 66 - http://www.myspace.com/the66uk


Monkey - Acoustic (the bridge / liquid blues)


FANCY DRESS is recommended, the evil one does not take kindly to mere mortals in his house of pain (jump around) so you may want to wear a disquise.




During the day The Lounge is a place to enjoy a relaxing coffee, and grab a bite to eat; or just sample some of the extensive range of world lagers, spirits or wines on offer.


But on Halloween night The Lounge is a place for terror, the un-dead, fear, and a quality line-up of music and celebrations of the dark lord on this very dark night.


The Lounge Bar,

6 Springfield Street,


WA1 1BB(Situated inbetween Jo Jo's and Le Frog Restaurant)



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