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Big Traffic Jam today at Westbrook


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Not all to do with the lights; rather too many people trying to get into Gullivers World, however the lights certainly exacerbated the situation.


I know people have exagerated the length of some of the queues around Westbrook of late, but the one today ran bumper to bumper from Gullivers all the way back to the roundabout at the BT Call Centre and was quite bad back to LA Bowl from there.


I was in the old Corsair today (sunny and all that!) and passed it all. Needless to say I went back via Sankey Way! The traffic was stuck trying to get into Gullivers.... Imagine how much worse this is going to get over the next 10 years; a growing theme park, a single track road back to the motorway junction and an attrociously designed set of traffic lights all sat in the middle of it!!


Why didn't they just stick a dual carriageway down Cromwell Avenue? because surely this Gullivers is only going to expand and expand and cause the generation of even more traffic! Look how bad access is to Alton Towers these days; we queued for ages getting there the other week

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