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don't you love the council

Grumpy old man

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It's good to see that our elected representatives are clamping down on crime, and the causes of crime. To all those that think our councilors and local politicians are only self serving, read this and repent.




TOWN Hall chiefs have drawn up a series of proposals for the licensing of pavement cafes in Warrington - which it is believed will earn the authority up to ?10,000 in fees.

Applications for licences for pavement cafes will be dealt with by the council's licensing committee, if the full council approves the proposals at its next meeting on September 8.

But if there are no objections from third parties, they may be dealt with by the council's licensing officer.

Fees will be ?600 for a first application and ?450 for renewals while licence transfers will cost ?150.

Officers estimate income from pavement caf? licences will generate an income of between ?5,000 and ?10,000 a year which will be put towards the cost of licensing enforcements.

The aim is to prevent uncontrolled and inappropriate pavement cafes and ensure they are effectively monitored and managed.

Up to now there has been little uptake in applications for the licences and no controls imposed by the council.

However, there are several pavement cafes within the borough which are not licensed.

There has also been a significant increase in enquiries about providing pavement cafes - partly brought about by the ban on smoking in cafes, restaurants and other premises to which the public has access.

The Highways Act requires licences for non-liquor licensed food outlets offering seating outside where food and drink may be consumed.

Warrington now has a borough wide alcohol exclusion zone in respect of outside drinking. But a pavement caf? with a licence could be exempted from this, subject to the council's licensing policy.

No applications will be considered for licences until planning consent has been obtained first.



For too long now, Johnny foreigner and his mates have brought mayhem to our streets by supplying and indeed encouraging the taking of substances that are known to change the behavior and moods of individuals, good to see our reps grasping the nettle !

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