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Out of the Frying Pan -


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- and into the Fire! :? See (according to the latest opinion polls), prospective Tory Voters now outnumber New Labour Voters by 2-1; and that's without any knowledge of the Conservative Election Manifestoe. :roll: So, I think the reason folk are deciding to "vote Tory", is basically cos they ain't New Labour - what pathetic reasoning. :roll: It just shows that when Bliar first got elected, he could have had the most leftist manifestoe since 1945, and still would have been elected - why? :? Cos he wasn't Conservative (perhaps a neo-Con though!); due to frustration with 18years of a Tory Regime - a period which has clearly now been forgotten. :shock: Unfortunately, despite rhetoric to the contrary, a Leopard can't change it's spots, and as we say good-bye to the new-Tories, we'll be saying hallo to the old-Tories. :evil: So don't blame the politicians, blame the morons who keep voting for them. :wink:

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Unfortunately as all the levers of government have been handed over to our masters in Brussels, who you vote for next time would seem to be purely academic unless a party emerges which promises, unequivocally, to extricate us fron the sorry, corrupt mess that is the EUSSR :x:x:x:x:x

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