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August 9, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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This Town Knows How to Rock ? Saxon


Love Ain?t No Stranger ? White Snake


It?s More Than a Feeling ? Boston --- Thank You Love It


Armed and Ready - Michael-Schenker


Ain?t Talking About Love ? Van Halen




He?s A????. - Thin Lizzy


God Gave Rock n Roll to You ? Kiss ? RIP Eric Carr + Freddy Mercury


Detroit Rock City ? Kiss


Kingdom of Madness ? Magnum


Sounds like an American from Cali!


Iron Man ? Black Sabbath


Animals ? Nickelback


Yesterdays ? Guns n Roses

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Come on Come on ? Def Leppard


Rockin All Over the World - Status Quo


Long Road to Ruin ? Foo Fighters


Smoke on the Water ? Deep Purple


OMG ? not the bottom thing again! I did not touch your bum!! :wink:



Are You Ready For a Good Time - AC/DC


Rapid Fire ? Judas Priest


Rock you Like a Hurricane ? Scorpions


Ace of Spades ? Motorhead


Let?s Get It Up ? AC/DC


Number of the Beast ? Iron Maiden


Whisky in a Jar ? Thin Lizzy


Its My Life ? Bon Jovi



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Sorry Mary but I'm the only one who gets to see Tony streaking. That's something only his woman gets to see. :wink:

Great show as always. Thank you Gary & Tony. Sorry haven't been putting in requests lately. I will make sure to start getting them in again.

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