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Oh the irony!


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Well, we've seen the Labour Party shed the cloak of Socialism and become "NEW" Labour Tories: but who would have ever thought the Tories would even say they were going to do the reverse? :shock: Seems the Tories have recognised the glaringly obvious fact, that the wealth gap in our society is at it's widest since Victorian times and (if you don't believe it's a contradiction in terms) say they intend to do something about it! :roll: Perhaps they intend to win places like Glasgow East at the next election! Meanwhile, Gov Ministers interviewed on TV, are in total denial about the wealth gap; having been wheened on Bliarite Thacherism, they simply don't get it; they are completley oblivious to the need to close the gap by taxing the rich and not taxing the poor; or by providing Council houses for the homeless, or by creating jobs by major infrastructure investments, or stabilising society by a return to pre-liberal values of law and order; the list is endless. :twisted: Perhaps there has been some socialist enterism into the Tory Party or maybe they've actually been walking round with their eyes open?! :wink:

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Meanwhile; the wannabe Leaders are now lining up to knife Gordon in the back; as if that will suddenly change the fortunes of their Party. :roll: Baby Milliband, straight out of school, and wheened on New Labour ideology (if there is such a thing); seems to be challenging Harriet Harman for the position of Brutus. :shock: But where do they imagine this can get them in two years; they collectively have to recognise the current problems in order to advocate meaningfull solutions, something they seem to ignore. :roll::wink:

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