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For Mary: BBC James Burke CONNECTIONS


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Mary: I'm sure you have all the Connections info by now, but I thought I'd post it here in hopes of interesting others in acquiring access to them.






Re: Some of the episodes are on google video


Also on clickaster.com (seems to be uploaded by Burke himself)




The day the universe changed is available, too




thanks for the clickcaster.com link, 8o8o8o8. this series was amazing. burke's abilty to capture my imagination with his "connections" in showing the development and advancement of technology so fascinated me.


as i've never had much luck in finding this series on tape or dvd, clickcaster's enabling the download of these 10 shows means they will be on disc soon.


Re: Some of the episodes are on google video

by badboo (Wed Apr 11 2007 05:10:09)


All three sets are available on DVD. They're a bit expensive and the distributors are limited but they are out there.


The most difficult to get ahold of is Connections (the first set). Only available from Ambrose Video (www.ambrosevideo.com)and they only ship to the US.


The other two you can get from amazon.com if you can't find them anywhere else.


Re: Some of the episodes are on google video

by cass444460 (Fri Jan 18 2008 12:12:31)


Just saw some of the 1st set, my library has that one.


I enjoyed the series when it was first run. I liked the way everything discussed was tied together, and how there we "a-ha" moments.

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So, at least James Burke has a web site and more info there:




Ways to Help



user pix napoleon



Some assembly required.





How was


important to the


of the modern





Welcome to the home page of the James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education and its flagship project, the Knowledge Web.


Founded by James Burke, the author, host, and narrator of the acclaimed television series Connections, the Institute exists to encourage innovative uses of educational technology.


The Knowledge Web today is an activity rather than a web site?an expedition in time, space, and technology to map the interior landscape of human thought and experience. Thanks to the work of a team

of dedicated volunteers, it will soon be an interactive space on the web where students, teachers, and other knowledge seekers can explore information in a highly interconnected, holistic way that allows for an almost infinite number of paths of exploration among people, places, things, and events.


We invite you to share the excitement of both the Institute and the Knowledge Web by browsing this site, and we encourage

you to participate in the adventure of mapping the landscape of historical and scientific knowledge and to become a user of the Knowledge Web when it is complete.








Napoleon?s troops

in Egypt buy

shawls and start

a fashion craze.


In Europe the

shawls get made

on automated,


control looms.


This gives an

American engineer

Herman Hollerith

the idea to automate

calculation using

punch cards.


Which get used to

control ENIAC,

the first electronic


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