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Just me Mams luck.


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Me Mam said she was walking through Stockton Heath this evening after being let out of the cells at the police station opposite. All she was doing was looking for a new uncle for me. She said the police called it something else.


She was amazed at all the troughing shops that there were. She stopped to have a look in the window at one of them. The trouble was, that there were a group of people sat in the window having a meal.


One of the group shouted at me Mam to go away as her mini skirt and short top with ample stomach bulging out between the two of them were putting them off their food. Me Mam shoutued you shouldn't be sat in the window shovelling it down yer neck if you don't want people gawping at you.


Me Mam didn't hang about for long because it started to rain.

She reckons the weather is Politically Correct, and its gone all Muslim on us:


Occasionally Sunni' but mostly Shi-ite!

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