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Across the Universe the DVD


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The title is an exaggeration. It only reaches from Liverpool Shipyards and Burtonwood to Princeton University, Columbia University, NYC's Greenwich Village, Dayton Ohio (for Prudence) cross the USA in psychedelic bus to California, and other parts depicting the 60s, Vietnam, Martin Luther King Jr.


Wow, what a ride. All the songs and dances and visuals -- all the emotions --this has to be one of the greatest works of art ever presented on film. Jude and Lucy -- Jojo, Maxwell, Sadie, and the other talents impeccably cast and presented. The story and songs are dazzlingly appropriate - when MLK Jr. gets shot, Jojo plays George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps. And Max with other inductees in their underwear carrying The Statue of Liberty singing: She's So....Heavyyyyyy, heavyyyyyyy. Luckily I watched in on a DVD in my own room with no one around to hear my shouts and exclamations of delight as the scenes unfold.

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Have to agree there, ATU is the best film of last year. its a shame sony and taymore had a falling out, hence it did not get the advertising funding it was due.


I(40),My Son (14) & my nephew(17) went to see it on its day of release here in the UK. Selected cinemas (had to go to liverpool) and guess what, we had the auditorium to ourselves, absolutely no-one else in there.


we now have it on blu-ray, my son watches it almost daily due to the phenominal soundtrack. It brings the beatles music into the 21st century.


I conceed this will be a Marmite film, those that like ity will love it, those that don't will hate it. but either way you have to watch it to find out which side your on.

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