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the new Warrington Wolves Coach will be .....


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...... probably Graham Murray!


If not him, Steve Foukes.... and if not him Shaun McCrae - they are the three in the frame but Murray is my hot tip!


But if Wolves put a few wins together they may even stick with Jimmy Lowes! :shock:


Murray took Leeds to a Challenge Cup victory and Grand Final before going back down under.

He resigned from his cirrent club on May 19 - seven days later Cullen resigns. Surley not just a coincidence :roll:

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Sean McRae wouldn't be my first choice. He had some success with St Helens but on the back of an established top side. Salford were beaten at Whitehaven the other night. The Whitehaven team were missing eight regulars. I'm supposing Jimmy Lowes still lives in Yorkshire. He'd have to move over to this side of the hill if he's to have the desired effect of keeping the well known Wire clique of boozers out of the local, and beyond, watering holes and bordellos. He may not be as verbose as the previous coach but I think he's more streetwise. He knows what's going on and I think he'd be more prepared to act against it. The hard core of good time Charlies really do have to be cleared out even if it means some of the better known players given their marching orders. Jimmy could be the man for the job.

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