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Stupid People/companies and the data protection act.


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The data protection act, is a great law that protects individuals from having any information held by companies passed on to third parties without written consent from the individual or an order from a legal body.


simple aint it !


so why is it that so many companies do not understand this simple concept.


I am sick to death of companies telling me they can't give me my own information due to their lack of understanding of the DPA and them using it as an excuse to avoid doing something you have a right to get them to do.


a prime example would have been Toy's R Us a couple of months back whe I returned an item to them without the receipt, and I told them the exact day I bought it, saying that if they check their system they will see my purchase.. "we can't data protection act"...WT HELL!, im not asking you for information, Im telling you you moron !


another one is playstation network, in which I'm claiming a fraudulent transaction on my own account, can you tell me the IP address from which transaction on my account was placed...their reply..



"Due to data protection laws, we are unable to provide any serial numbers or IP addresses directly to the consumer. Please ask the police station dealing with your case to contact us with your request. "


hello !!! its the police you cant tell, without my say so ! morons all morons.


I come accross this so often.


I went to pay some money into my wifes account at the halifax so a DD woulnt get missed a few years ago, and was trying to ring her for her account number but couldnt get through, so I just gave them her name, address, and asked could they put it into her account...sorry we cant, give out her account number...I know, I don't need to know it, just take the money and give me a reciept with now details on !!!, took me twenty minutes to convince them they cant breech DPA by NOT giving me any details.




aint it funny how despite logic, we cant give information or get information about areselves (areselves....I type northern now...ourselves) by companies and employees who dont grasp this concept, but yet we still get our information passed without our consent.

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