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Just a little personal bumbling.  Had cataract surgery today on my right eye, had the left one done 2017.  Lay in a hotel bed right now withe the plastic dome over the eye and tripping over everything in the room.  Have to go to the surgeons office at nine in the morning for final evaluation and release, so we have to stay over - we live 100 miles east of Houston.

Amazing place the Houston Medical Center.  There must be twenty hospitals, all 1000 bed facilities, cheek to jewel in a three mile x three mile square, with about thirty hotels squeezed in between.  There’s the Children’s Hospital, The Womens Hospital, M D Anderson Cancer Hospital, Memorial Herman Surgery ( mine) etc.  Everyone is considered as the best in their field, with world recognized physcians and surgeons.

We were talking to several people in the hotel lounge and it’s amazing the life some people have to lead.  I was saying to one guy that we were tired of driving a hundred miles to this place - my original surgery was cancelled six weeks ago.  He said my wife has cancer, they were from Atlanta Georgia, the local hospital gave her three months to live, so we came to MD Anderson here and they have been using the latest medicine and information from their research and we have been coming here once a month for three years. Poor guy was about 75 yrs old and looked worn out.  Also talked to a Los Angeles Laker player having damaged tendon surgery, don’t know his name cos I hate basketball !  He said they don’t send their players anywhere else.

All the hotels run constant free shuttles to every hospital on the hour.

And no Obs, it doesn’t cost me a single penny.  Well that’s not entirely true, two nights in the hotel is $300, plus mighty breakfasts and fabulous dinners in the damn fine restaurants around Houston can add up to a pretty penny. But that’s ok, we’re right next door to the heart hospital where D’Baky did the first successful heart transplant !   Anyway, my wife handles all that, she likes to make me happy!


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