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There is a war going on in our hospitals, and like all wars. it requires the total focusing of the Nation's resources to fight it. :? Unfortunately, the current dysfunctional (semi-privatised) organisational nature of our NHS, means we a losing the battle against C-Dif; with folk dying in our hospitals at the rate of one every hour; and the world's highest death rate for over 65s. :shock: Perhaps it's time Government and all our Institutions had a shot in the arm of applied discipline, clear lines of accountability and responsibility, in house cleaning regimes (no more out-sourcing); and punitive action on incompetance. :shock: We also need to realise, that our reliance on broad spectrum anti-biotics has a downside, they kill the good bacteria that kills the bad bacteria, and like all organisms they can mutate and adapt to survive what we're throwing at them. :cry: So, at the moment, it seems we're losing the war. :cry:

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