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Who's Paying for the Party?


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Seems new research has disclosed the fact that "the tax payer" is already indirectly funding the main Political Parties to the tune of about ?1.7billion every four years, via the payment of ever increasing salaries, expenses and allowances to politicians. :shock: So it seems we're paying for their existence, whether we want to or not. :x

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That is the issue no wonder we don't have democracy - how can the small parties compete when they are not funded? Perhaps CAP and all of the others should be given their share of the pot - it would be interesting to see what happened in the elections then.

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There's no need for Political Parties to get funded by anyone - the only CAP you need to mention, is a cap on their spending. :roll: ALL Parties could be given free space in the press and equal air time on TV, at least the money wouldn't go into Party coffers that way. :wink:

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