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It doen't seem a moment


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With all this talk about technology and kids wanting more and more of it to cram their off hours with, I sometimes wish that we could just get rid of it all and return instead to a simpler time. I guess, I'm finally getting old :( So I've decided to share one of my verses with you. It is of course copyrighted, but if you would like to reproduce it, just drop me a line...I don't bite..well unless I really know you :wink:



It doesn't seem a moment

since the time I was a kid,

we made our own toys back then

I smile at what we did..


A box became a rocket ship

to take us to the stars,

or maybe it was a wagon,

the world was truly ours.


With a knotty piece of wood

and rusty pram wheels from the tip,

we made carts we thought so good

through the back-streets we would skip.


Coming home tired and muddy

we'd happily bath and bed,

we never fought with anybody

most times we were to tired.


Scuffed shoes tucked beneath the bed

until the adventure tomorrow to come,

I might even build me a tent

(yawn) have we got any old sheets mum?




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Thats a lovely poem. My sister and I used to get up to allsorts in the garden and on our bikes and made our own entertainment. We weren't bought things except for birthday and Xmas and we appreciated everything we got and everything we had and took care of them.


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