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State of Mind week - 8th - 11th June?

Geoffrey Settle

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The State of Mind week finishes with the last leg of it's walks starting at Hollin's Park and finishing at the HJ via the Sankey Valley trail.


This event is called "Time to Move” a walk between Rugby League grounds in the north west to raise awareness that physical fitness is good for your mental fitness. I'm not sure if the dates for Warrington are correct - but I will try and find out and confirm.

Maybe Gary knows?

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The step challenge was postponed due to the inclement weather and is being run next Monday from 6pm at Halliwell Jones. 

Anyone wishing to take part should register at the email address shown on the image below. Those already registered for the 5th June, your times will be the same next week as the one you were originally given. It would be great to see Gary taking part :)


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Cheers Baz - so legs in recovery mode now, plus he said that my BP was on the high side 148/80 must have been the wait in the surgery or the running as it's been lowish 130/70 for a while now - must do better so I'm going to sign on a yoga class at Padgate Recreation Centre, I moan and groan when I walk up stairs at the moment ans the only way down is backwards. Bit of an all round wreck.

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Good luck to everyone - think that I will give it a miss as my knees and legs continue to twitch - bit like needles being pushes into them night and day - strange thing is when I run it's not too bad - I think it's probably tight muscles as paracetamol has little effect - so trying stretching exercises.

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