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Spare wheel?


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Seems they now sell new cars without a spare wheel. Instead you get a puncture sealant kit, has anyone used one of these in anger?  :unsure:


Yes and they work fine, apart from the fact that the ruin the tyre and mean you have to buy a complete new one instead of being able to repair a punctured one


It does catch you out though, I had a blow out on the M53 a few years back and my merc didn't have a spare wheel... the sealant won't fix a 2" hole so ended up calling the AA out.... I now have a spare wheel just in case it ever happens again

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I've insisted on a spare wheel too Baz; but when I asked why they don't supply them anymore; the answer I got was "weight reduction" in order to retain eco-friendly targets.


That is the answer I had... but when your car weighs about two tons like mine does, a few extra kilos doesn't make a lot of difference although I'm sure it does on something like a Matiz or something equally small


Mind you, We've found that having a new van means you get your spare wheels stolen by passing pikeys as most Transit vans are now devoid of the spare wheels that are fitted into a rather flimsy carrier underneath the vehicle

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