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Just read the story about Omega and yet more houses. At the same time adjacent to the Memphis Belle, that land is now being developed for houses.


I drive round here in the morning and evening. We have traffic jams  on most roads. Coming off the M62 at night leads to a "car park" and I notice cars going Up Charon Way queue back to the Audi dealer. More and more I note are taking a short cut through Burtonwood (like me) to try and get to where we are going.


How I wonder do they suppose people are expected to move around once all this development takes place. No new roads, no new ideas as to solving traffic in this area.


Oh and when the Leisure centre gets re-built they will put lights between Lingley mere BP and the next roundabout. How thats supposed to help matters is beyond me.


Time for a bit of alternative thinking. Perhaps a new bridge over the M62 to bring traffic into Omega from both North and South rather than sending it all through the roundabout. A parralell road north of the M62 linking junction 8 to 9 again taking pressure off the roads in and around Callands / Westbrook and the north end of Winwick road (link up at the back of B&Q?). Dualling the road running at the back of Sankey and bringing it onto the A57 beyond the old UU site rather than the trigger pond?



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Adrian you are missing the point, just think of all that parish council tax that will be snaffled up by the Burtonwood Omertà . No wonder the leader of the council is happy. Btw the "vision" for Omega was always hi tech industry based and absolutely no housing or freight. Now seems to be the opposite. The prison would have caused less problems for residents ????

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