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Reading with interest that the next council meeting may run into the wee small hours because local lefty rabble-rouser; Kevin Bennett has tabled 22 questions on various subjects including University Technical College – which he describes as “a flop” – fracking, bus services, the Living Wage and the condition of roads and pavements across the borough. The Lib Dums are tabling 6 and the Liebour lot another 6....


Paul Kennedy - Tory, isn't happy at the thought of missing Coronation Street and has asked that written answers are given to stop the meeting going on too long.....


It was the final quote that got me though..... "At a typical council meeting, there might be two or three questions - sometimes none."


Why aren't questions on bus services, the condition of roads and pavements and other such local things questioned at every meeting? After all, they are truly shocking and should be highlighted at EVERY opportunity surely?




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