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Narrow escape for Scots -


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Alex Salmond was promising an independent Scotland built on revenues from oil exports; but due to a flood of US shale gas & oil into the market and the reluctance of oil producers to loose market share; prices are dropping like a stone. Good news at the pumps, but bad news for more expensive producers, now having to cut back on uneconomic production. So now the Rob Roy's of the SNP are queuing for bail outs and subsidies from HMG; wonder how they'd have managed as an independent State?  Ironically Alex is still in business, with the possibility of him becoming king maker or even Deputy PM to a weak and indecisive  Milliband ; to wring ever more concessions from a UK Gov. 

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but the Americans are also very canny and they will restrict sales to foreigners if there appears to be a run on the stuff; just as they do with their oil. They produce a load but import in order to keep their own stocks for themselves!

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