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Smoke & mirrors !


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Seems George is being somewhat economical with the truth, by saying he's got a 50% reduction in the EU surcharge - seems it doesn't account for our rebate.  Still, in the smoke and mirrors world of the EU budget, what else can we expect. Apparently the EU auditors, who haven't signed off on an EU budget in over a decade, are claiming £5billion of EU funds have been "misspent" ! 

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Don't think the majority of folk believed Osborne's claim for a minute, and even if true; it's a bit like being told your getting six strokes of the cane, then being told it's only three - oh the relief !  Point is, we shouldn't be getting the cane in the first place.  This "rule" is yet another example of the  perverse nature of the EU, where sloth is rewarded and economic enterprise by a Nation discouraged by taxation. What the EU is basically about is equalisation,  the redistribution of resources within it's membership, thus attracting a queue of wannabee members, carrying their begging bowls to Brussels. This may be altruistic in theory, but in practise it represents a permanent drain on resources from more advanced economies like the UK, where we now have our own people queuing  at food banks - charity starts at home.

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The treasury you the bill was coming Baz, your being played, they are trying to make themselves look good, sadly it has not worked


but do you think the 2 billion euro bill can ever be justified?


I don't and any right minded person wouldn't either. We are being robbed blind by this corrupt organisation and like Obs has said, they are trying to act like some institutional Robin Hood by stealing money from the richer countries and handing it over to the poorer ones....


Roll on the election.... a big kick up the ass awaits the mainstream parties methinks

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