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Registered to Vote ?


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Front page news today... seems 10% of Warrington residents haven't responded so will now get a home visit to remind them.  How many is 10% as I've no idea how many people live here now with all the new housing developments that he gone up everywhere.


I don't think we had to do anything and ours was automatic.  I can't check our letters though as I think Mr Dizzy threw them away but I'm almost sure they said no action was needed.

So question... the news report says that to register now people have to also provide their National Insurance Number.  What is the pupose of that and does it meant that they already know ours if we aren't required to do anything ? 

Could it be that having to provide a NI number is one of the reasons why some people have not responded OR is it more likely that they just don't want to vote anyway as they think it's a waste of time ?

Answers on a postcard please to PO Box 'CBA Warrington'

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Diz, I've read online, that some Labour MP has kicked off about this. It's designed to eliminate election fraud it seems. He discovered when his daughter got married, that if she adopted her husbands surname, she had to register and present a copy of the marriage certificate and a recent utility bill, to prove who she is. I can imagine other reasons for the NI number, which may require a phone call to the Council to check your registered.

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