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To Ten Best Selling Books of all Time


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The Bible - 6 million


Quotations for Chairman Mao Tse-Tung 900 million


The American Spelling Book - 100 million


Guiness World Records(2003) - 94 million


The World Almanac of World Facts - 73 million


The McGuffey Readers - 60 million


Dr.Spock Baby and Child Care - 50 million


A Message to Garcia - 40 million


In His Steps What would Jesus Do? - 30 million


Valley of the Dolls - 30 million


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Interesting -- at one time I believe Mickey Spillane's I, THE JURY was #1 in fiction, but that was before J. Susann. It's still a macho classic, though. (The blond killer disrobes as she is confronted by Mike Hammer, Private Eye) -- he shoots -- she falls and gasps "How could you?" I had to say it fast before I was talking to a corpse. "It was easy," I said.

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