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I love movies with underwater exploring -- the old Jacques Cousteau and his Calypso -- and the ones that made stars out of Raquel Welch (FATHOM) and Jacqueline Bisset (THE DEEP). The camera work is wonderful around the Bahamas in this new -- I would call it a remake of the Deep, same plot, same action, same bikini teasing -- called INTO THE BLUE. Very nice pictures and a very pleasant visit to those islands. But for the record, Raquel and Jacqueline were women and Jessica is still a little girl.

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Exactly,the plot says that a hurricane in the Bahamas (what are the odds?) stirred up some sand and exposed just a tiny fragment of a pirate ship and these two amateur snorkelers find it. But complications arise from the nearby wreck of a drug lord's plane sunk (possibly in that same hurricane - I missed the opening sequence.) I seem to remember that Nick and Jacqueline had been the same area and found the same situation, except that some local guy had been searching for years for a hospital ship with thousands of ampules of morphine -- one or two had surfaced as well. So it's not exactly a remake, but then the advertising rests on Jessica Alba's body and Jacqueline Bisset's wet t-shirt and a very nice ... oh, but I digress again.

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