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Stockton Heath - old photos


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For Roman123...


I've really messed up my photobucket account now since changing the privacy settings (as discussed) so all my past uploads to the forum are still in 'limbo land'  and not showing.


So ... I've just re uploaded these into a new Album so at least they are visible again.... more to follow and hopefully I'll sort my photoucket out in the week and everything else will come back..... (apart from what I DON'T want the whole world to be able to see of course ha ha ) cheers :wink:










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Not sure any of the one's I have are classed as being 'rare' these days as they have been uploaded on here many times in the past by both myself and Algy and also on other online pages by us too so you probably have those already.

Have you got the ones of Ackers Pit as they are nice ?

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I wish I could turn the clock back a few years!, where was I and my Chrome / Flickr down loader then!  :P


I have re-installed over 590 photos of old Warrington on PhotoBucket again and shall probably leave them there for a couple of months, here is the link:-
any probs send me a PM


I have a couple of Ackers pics.........

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Do you not have to ask the person's permission first or get some sort of authorisation link or be an 'friend/follower/whatever' to download all someone elses full albums and photo's?

After knowing what I know about photobucket thanks to what you mentioned in your message which then alerted to me to the fact that ALL my photobucket photo's and albums were visible to all if they clicked on one of the uploaded links that I HAD put on here and now hearing about Chrome and Flickr I don't think I'll upload any of my normal pics to any storage place again :shock: ....well apart from some that I specifically want to upload to here and in doing so am happy for those to be seen by the world.

I've set all my photobucket albums to private now and also password protected (the latter by accident and it wont let me unset it ha ha) apart from one temporary album which is public..... I think I can set that to private too while retaining the working links on here though.
Most of my past uploads to here still show but they have probably all been saved or downloaded by every man and his dog already anyway along with all my others in photobucket :(

We all learn from our mistakes though eh ? :unsure:  :lol:

PS... did you see the one's I've uploaded on the new topic for you about the 'mole' ?

PPS... The world is no longer a safe place :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Hey it's not your fault I've had trouble with my account as I simply had no idea that people could access ALL my albums just from other uploads to here and if you hadn't asked a question I'd have been non the wiser :)

As for anything personal well I did seem to already have two albums locked and they contained some family photo's and stuff so phew for that......

....but I'm sat here giggling in a sort of deranged way as my photobucket account and albums have over 2500 photo's in total and I can't remember what they all are, and I do have a habit of accidentally uploading things into the wrong places, so maybe if you have downloaded all my albums you'd best check just what you have got  :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS did you know I charge 50p per picture download and the bill is in the post box at the end of your road 8):lol::wink:

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WOW fantastic find Roman126 and although I've seen an aerial view before I've never seen that one. 
I'm all of a flutter now as it's a brilliant photo with so much detail although I'm rather sad too as it has reminded me how lovely the old school building was :(

It shows all the allotments too that used to be there before the school grounds were extended and also the original boundary wall to the playground that was revealed when they did the archaeological dig.

Any idea how I ask the person on Flickr if I can save a copy for myself and to possibly use elsewhere with a credit to them ?

Sorry... what were you asking again :lol:

Right... the square building.   I have absolutely no idea and it's not the old British Legion club as that was further down and would have been much later than that anyway and I think it was wooden.

The houses next to it look at the very bottom look like they are still being built which could give a clue.  I'll have a mooch on my maps and see if that shows anything but it probably wont. 

I'm intrigued now and wont sleep :lol:

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not sure on how you can contact the person flickr, jeni mcconnell




Yes, I was surprised also to find that, like you I had see aerial photos of the school but that was a new one to me also (and I can see my house on it)!!!


Was the British Legion where the Sun Tanning thing is now?


Yes, anything you can find would be great, happy hunting!

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Thanks for that.  Jeni did the open day displays for the school before it was knocked down so I can ask her as I have her contact details.  If she allows I will upload it to the 'memories group' to see if anyone on there knows what the building was :)

The British Legion building was a little further down the road where the set back 'new' mews houses meet the old houses on Ellesmere.

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Re the square building on the photo you showed (Jeni's) I wonder if it was just a bungalow as the houses that are shown still being built are more modern (well maybe 40's or something... I have no idea how to date houses) than the older terraces on the other side of the 'bungalow'.  

This aerial photo shows where the square building would have been after comparing it and the position of the old school etc with yours.  I have marked it in red as it would have stood pretty much where the side garden is to the semi on the right and the road access into the Forge car park.  I know the person who lives in that house so next time I bump into him I'll ask if he or his adjoining neighbour knows as they have lived there a long time.

I'm presuming it would have been demolished to make way for that road access to/from the car park...... I'm not sure when the car park was built though, have you any idea ?


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Sorry I though I told you about that group when I messaged you back the other day but must have forgotten and thought it was odd that I hadn't seen you one there over the past few days especially as lots of Stockton Heath pics have just been put on :wink:

It's a facebook group for Warrington people called 'Warrington Memories' and it's a great place for seeing and talking about old stuff and learning (errm not as good as this forum though of course Gary.....)

It's a 'closed' group though so you would have to click to join but only takes a few minutes.


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