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Coughs and sneezes -


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- spread diseases.  Watched an experiment on ABC news the other night;  where they tracked the spread of droplets from a sneeze. 13ft without any obstruction, 8ft sneezing into one's elbow and 4ft if covered with hands.  Using a tissue or hanky, no spread at all - so why don't folk carry tissues and hankies and use them?

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That's one heck of a distance and no wonder I'm always having to clean the inside of our windows :lol:


Years ago an elderly chap told me never to use hankies as you are basically blowing your nose with a germ ridden piece of material which you then put in your pocket along with whatever else is in there blah blah.  No point in washing your hands either as everytime you pull it out and put it back you are getting covered in germs and spreading them. 


He used to say one tissue used once then thrown away immediately.

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