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Dave Pelzer


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A few years ago I read a book by David Pelzer called ? A Child called it?. It was the authors real life encounter as a child where he was beaten and abused by his alcholic mother. He went on to write two other books, ?The Lost Boy? and ?A Man Named David?, which continued his journey thorough life and spoke of how he dealt with his past experiences. These books I found emotionally moving and I would recommend these them to anyone. The story of his life made me realise just how lucky I am to grow up with people around me who care about me. Anyone else read them? if not you should!

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No, I haven't read that book, but believe you are on the right track. I would like to tout the Non-fiction shelves for discussion. We all have very narrow fiction loves -- mysteries, romances.... but like serious music I refer serious books, such as In Search of Will Shakespeare. When I was in college scholars were suggesting he never really existed or was just a front for Christopher Marlowe or the Earl of Oxford and today they have turned up a lot of details about him. And who would have imagined the Catholic-Protestant dangers he faced.

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I read "A boy called it" and "The lost boy" and got a bit fed up with the tone of the books. In the end, in defiance - LOL!! - I bought Andrew Collins "Where did it all go right?" (Growing up normal in the 70's) I felt after all the doom and gloom, I needed a bit of light relief! :)



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I have read them all, to say appauled is not the word.


How can anybody make a human, even a child eat his own excrament. Alone, leave hem with bleach in a bucket and sleep in their own urine whilst leaving them on steps in the old POW stance , resting on their fingers whilst balancing weight.


I am relieved to think he is married happily, with children and not another freak of nature.




Another good one is The Kid, told of an upbringing with Catholic Nuns. Again, heatbreaking, however, those of cloth are renouned for it!


Jaynexxx :wink:

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I to have read all the books and yes it is awful what this boy was put through and to think he came out of it and ended up writing his story so others may realise that there are people out there who are worse off than ourselves and need help from us, not putting them down because they become orphans, He has become a decent young man and moved on with his life he sets a very good example.

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