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Controlling behaviour?


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Seems teachers are being criticised (again!), for not controlling behaviour in the classroom. Well, I'm afraid a long stand in the corner or sitting on the naughty step, just doesn't cut it with some disruptive spoiled brats; who in the "good old days" might have expected their boundaries being set by a clip round the ear or even six of the best. Alas, forbidden in our new non-violent PC culture and with some parents ready to sue for compen at the drop of a hat; thus leaving expulsion and loss of an education as the only option - so what do they expect?

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The leaders want it all ways Obs.... but then the majority of the young teachers I speak to look aghast when I tell them of the 60's and 70's when you were thrashed for forgetting your homework or for being a complete dunce in class....


Since the idea that kids have rights was banded around in the 80's; things have gotten completely out of control for some schools.... I go to one school of last resort quite a lot and the language and the way they speak, not only to staff, but visitors too, would make you wince.


Corporal punishment should be brought back into schools. maybe not as liberally administered as it was when I was at school, but as a last resort weapon before expulsion.....

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